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Real Value?

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What is Real Value?

The other day I was speaking to a friend about the "values" in this society we live in. You see in this "society" we are so driven to be like everyone else. What we wear, drive, the Job we have, where we live, is all dictated by society and its values. But what are God's values? How does He see us?
You see in this world we put high value on people who are actors, athletes, people who make large incomes. Its fed to us through "TV", magazines, billboards, people we know, etc. We go through this life trying to be "just like everyone else", or "better". We never really realize where true value is.
Time goes by and few of us realize that this is not how it should be. If you always want what someone else has, or you try so hard to put up a "facade" for everyone else to see you will never be truly happy. In fact you will always want more, strive for more and still never be content!
I remember in my early twenties before I came to Know Christ how I often struggled with where I was in life. I saw everyone around me striving to be what society viewed as a "success". I was never happy, nor content. I never was satisfied.
Then one day I was visiting a small Baptist Church and during an altar call I met the one who changed my life forever. His name was Jesus Christ.
He changed my life so dramatically that those who knew me were astonished at how I had changed. In fact for many years following this, they thought it would "wear off", but it never has.
You see God gave me a new heart. I went from being "unloving", to having a "love" in my heart that I had never known before. So much so that even now, it still surprises me. I know though, it is the one I gave my heart to, that is still working in me.
I use to view my life as something that I could never get "high enough" up the ladder to be content. Either with myself, or how others viewed me. I had no purpose, no contentment.
You see Jesus Christ changed my life for the better, He gave me a new "lease" on life. That was over 15 years ago. Nothing has been the same since. I no longer compare myself to others, or what job I could have to please, or impress others. These things no longer matter. What matters now is, how does God see me? Am I living for Him, myself, or others?
You see there is such and unbelievable, wonderful peace about knowing that God loves you and accepts you as His "valuable" child. That you do not have to have the "right job", "look", "money", "home", "friends" to impress Him! Do you know why? He's not impressed with any of these things! You see God loves us as His beautiful creation and His love for us is not based on performance, or academics, but on the fact that He created us, in fact He created all of us in His own image!!!
All we have to do is seek Him!!!!!
Let me invite you to think on these things. Think about this. Society values appearance, wealth and other things which really are not values at all. police for instance, they can risk their lives everyday, but yet society does not value them as much as they value "entertainment". If you doubt this then look at what both of them earn! Can you put a price on what is important? No! But society does! Does it not?
If you want to be at peace, then seek God and find out what He values!!! This is where real peace and contentment are!!!
When you can come to a place and realize that all that matters is how God sees you, then you will have real "inner" peace!!!
Something to consider?

Rev. John Heintzman
Evangelist Non-Denominational
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POHOM Columbus, Ohio
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